2018 Fellowship Application

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2. Information about academic, professional and extracurricular activities
Academic Information
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Professional Experience

Current or last employment

Volunteer, Internship and other non-paid extracurricular activities

Scholarship/Financial aid

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3. Essays
Express and reason your motivation to become a Teach For Armenia Fellow. Refer to the following criteria when formulating your essay:
  1. Relevance of the organization’s vision and mission to your career interests.
  2. What you expect to obtain during your commitment to Teach For Armenia?
  3. What do you plan to do after completing the Fellowship?
  4. Why do you think you are a good candidate for the Fellowship?
  5. Why do you think the organization’s vision and mission is an incredibly important issue in our country and how would you like to contribute? (max. 300 words) *
Describe a time when you encountered a serious obstacle while working on a project, team setting, or in your work environment. You may choose any professional project you have worked on during the past two years. Your answer should address all of the following questions:
  1. What was the aim of the project?
  2. What were the specific obstacles that occurred, and why did they occur?
  3. How, specifically, did you respond to these obstacles?
  4. What specific actions did you take to overcome these obstacles?
  5. What was the ultimate outcome with respect to the initial aim of the project?
  6. Why did this outcome occur? While you should completely describe the obstacle you faced, please do not focus your essay primarily on the obstacle; it is more important that you thoroughly explain your reaction and describe the steps you took in response to the obstacle. (max. 300 words) *

4. Subject Proficiency
Please choose the subject most relevant to your field of study that you feel you can teach.

5. Language Skills
Fellows are expected to be proficient in Armenian for the Teach For Armenia Fellowship.
Rate your fluency in the following languages from 1 (no knowledge) to 5 (very fluent).

6. Additional Information

7. References
Please provide 2 references from individuals who have taught you, or you have worked with during your academic or professional careers. These can be professors, colleagues, supervisors, etc. Do not provide references from family members or friends. Kindly include their contact details below.
Reference 1

Reference 2

Supplementary information
This section is mandatory, but will only be used for statistical purposes.

Confirmation and Submission

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