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Teach For Armenia partners with schools based on socioeconomic, geographic, and academic achievement indicators. Prior to placing a Fellow, we actively work with potential partner schools and communities to determine their eligibility and compatibility with our program. Similarly, we work with Fellows on an individual basis to prepare you for your unique two-year journey. Schools and Fellows are coupled based on the needs of the school and the profession/specialization of the Fellow. Teach for Armenia places each Fellow in a school that needs a teacher with your skillset, where your impact will be the greatest.




Unfortunately, it is not possible to select your own placement. Teach for Armenia works extensively with partner schools to meet the needs of their students and seeks to provide the best possible match in a Fellow.

The successful coupling of Fellows to their placement school is possible because of the extensive work between both parties prior to the start of the academic year. This means that schools are unable to select a Fellow, and Fellows also cannot select their placement. Teach For Armenia makes final placement decisions, taking into account all the information about the school’s needs as well as Fellow skills and qualifications.


CAN I live outside of my
placement school community?


All Fellows are required by the program to move to and integrate in the community of their placement school for the duration of the fellowship. Your fellowship involves your daily work, but also involves the whole community. Moving into the community will allow you to become a part of the community, integrate into residents’ daily lives, and understand their unique struggles. You can more easily relate to your students and find ways to connect with them on a more personal level, and the community will benefit from your presence not only as a teacher, but as a resourceful young professional that can help them articulate and solve challenges they face.