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Today, Teach For Armenia is present in Armenia and Artsakh and works with  86 partner schools impacting over 9000 children. Currently we have 103 Fellows and 42 Alumni Ambassadors actively working to enable the long-term vision of Teach For Armenia. 

Teach For Armenia continuously partners with new schools and communities to expand its outreach.  We will create new partnerships until all children in even the most remote communities of Armenia have access to an excellent education.

See below a map of where we are today. 


This is Margarita. She is from Yerevan, and is a graduate of Brusov Linguistics University with a degree in English language. As a Teach For Armenia Fellow, Choratan was the best placement for her. Choratan is in Tavush region, only 6 km away from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The community has a population of 1030. 

The school has roughly 100 students, even though it has a capacity of 300. Before Margarita, the school went without an English teacher for a full academic year. Now, she is the only English teacher in the community. Margarita teaches English to all students in the school.

At first Margarita lived with a host family to help her integrate into the community. Eventually, she found herself a house and now lives on her own. Margarita keeps in close contact with her host family who continues to help her assimilate to the community and offers a sense of familiarity.

In Margarita’s village there is no running water. There is also no direct transportation to/from the village. In order to commute to the capital, for example, villagers need to first travel to another village in the region. Despite her regional hardships, the community of Choratan has been so welcoming to Margarita that she elects to stay there on weekends. Margarita values spending as much time as possible with her students.

See above a documentary on Margarita’s daily life and her journey as a Teach For Armenia Fellow in Choratan.