Recruitment Coordinator

Title: Recruitment Coordinator 

Term: Full-time

Start date:  Immediately 

Application Deadline: August 18th 

Duration: Long-term

Salary: Competitive; based on previous experience 

Location:  Yerevan, Armenia


About Teach For Armenia

Apart from being qualified for the job, the organization needs someone who shares its vision and mission and is aligned with its Core Values: Striving for Excellence, Constant Learning and Growth, Dedication and Resilience, Integrity and Humility. These Core Values are a vital component of the organization's culture to ensure long-term and sustainable success, and therefore Teach For Armenia views them as an important component for the selection of new team members and Fellows. 
The organization's collaborative working environment ensures abundant opportunities for the candidate to expand his/ her network and learning opportunities with other team members, Fellows, corporate partners, the Ministry of Education, other education stakeholders, as well as other like-minded individuals from the Teach For All network partners in over 40 countries. While the compensation package is fair and competitive, the organization does not expect this to be the key reason for joining it. After all, it is not just offering a job; it is looking for a like-minded leader to grow with it and help the team in its mission to ensure all children in Armenia have access to an education that unlocks their true potential.

Position Summary

The Recruitment Coordinator will coordinate and execute Teach For Armenia’s recruitment strategies. This person must clearly articulate the vision for what success looks like in the long-term for each recruitment channel, given its specific context. They must design connect/cultivation/ marketing/blitz strategy for each target segment. This role is essential to ensuring the sustainable growth of the organizations impact through recruiting top professionals and recent graduates. As Recruitment Coordinator, this person is also responsible for coordinating the on-the-ground efforts of all recruiters to ensure that targets are met. Candidates must have exceptional written and oral communication skills, strategic thinking, and excellent ability to influence and motivate others.

Key responsibilities

·       Execute Teach For Armenia’s recruitment to generate increased awareness of the program among our target markets

·       Research and analyze our target markets to clearly under its characteristics; provide ongoing support in formulating core messages and identifying key communication channels

·       Support in building and sourcing strategy to identify channels for relevant talent markets

·       Building and maintaining contact with universities and other relevant organizations for potential target markets

·       Execution of recruitment activities at universities

·       Identifying and cultivating top candidates to apply to the program

·       Delivering presentations about the Teach For Armenia Fellowship and coordinating recruitment events

·       Keeping track of all recruitment data

·       Managing Teach For Armenia’s online media channels to ensure that they engage our target markets

·       Actively participate in the development of our recruitment strategy

·       Support during Assessment Centers for Fellowship candidates (stage 3 of the selection process for the Fellowship)


  • Thoroughly analyze the dynamics and culture behind each target audience;
  • Understand the web of influences and “key players” within each target audience;
  • Effectively formulate specific core messages that lead to certain desired behaviors from each target audience;
  • Identify key communication channels and other relevant tactics through which we can send our key messages to each target audience;
  • Review the recruitment marketing strategic activities and processes on a regular basis to adapt strategy as needed and plan needed innovations and changes based on outcomes and data;
  • Be a strategic thought partner to the Head of Recruitment, Marketing and Selection on how we can effectively keep raising the profile of the program and generate interest from top talent in Armenia and abroad to apply;


Candidate Profile and Experience Prerequisites


Proven experience in marketing and communications:

  • experienced in raising the profile of an organization through smart PR strategies and crisis communications skills;
  • experienced in managing major integrated marketing communication campaigns across various platforms and delivering high results.

Exceptional communication skills (written and oral):

  • able to look through “client” perspective and prioritize/adapt messaging;
  • provide feedback to team members on presentations and written communication pieces.

Strategic thinking and problem solving:

  • identify, prioritize, and proactively anticipate opportunities/problems to solve;
  • use rigorous logic and data to analyze the situation;
  • develop high quality and actionable strategies/solutions.

Making decisions & demonstrating judgment:

  • use appropriate context and data to make sensible and timely decisions;
  • display sound judgment when faced with tough decisions.

Ability to influence and motivate others:

  • convince others to think or act in a desired way.

Organization and planning:

  • able to organize, prioritize, track and manage resources, and work efficiently;
  • able to build strong tracking systems.

Personal Characteristics

Perseverance and entrepreneurship:

  • feel passionate for the Teach For Armenia mission and our model;
  • looking for an intense and stimulating challenge;
  • understand the requirements of the role and is excited about them.


  • when challenged, work through obstacles purposefully and relentlessly;
  • have a “do whatever it takes” attitude and maintain a sense of possibility even during tough times;
  • action-oriented and believe there is always something he/she can do;
  • not afraid to experiment with new approaches and put the work necessary to achieve results.

Learning & continuously improving:

  • strive to continuously improve himself/herself and the Marketing and Communications team processes using data to drive action;
  • incorporate feedback from others and from data-driven reflection on successes and failures.


Application process

To apply to be part of our high performing and diverse team: Please send us a copy of your CV and a cover letter, answering the below following three questions to

1. Why do you want to be part of Teach For Armenia? What would you hope to accomplish as a Teach For Armenia staff? (Limit: 300 words)

2. Describe a time when you encountered serious obstacles to success while working on a project (Limit: 300 words)

3. Which of our Core Values you can best identify with and why? (Limit: 300 words)


 Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.