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Teach For Armenia implements its Leadership Development program, which is a two-year transformational journey in leadership. 

We recruit the most committed and exceptional candidates from Armenia and the Diaspora. They are trained to become leaders and teachers and placed in underserved schools and communities as Teach For Armenia Teacher-Leaders. We invest heavily in supporting our leaders during their two-year commitment so that they succeed as teachers and mentors to their students and role models in their communities.


Upon successful completion of our initial Teacher Leadership Academy our leaders are then placed in communities based on their educational and professional experiences and according to the needs of our partner schools. 


They live and work full-time as teachers in public schools throughout their two-year commitment and also lead Community Development Projects in their local areas, working with their neighbors to identify the needs of the community, create business opportunities, and boost the local infrastructure.

In #Armenia today, the circumstances #children are born into often predict the #opportunities they will have in life. Because of #EducationalInequity, tens of thousands of #children in Armenia are left without the skills they need to pursue higher #education, professional experience, and financial security.
💡You, by joining our #movement, can become the change, which will enables us all to tackle the #challenges of #educational inequity. .
📌4 DAYS left until the opening of our applications.

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We leverage the Teach For All global approach, implementing the Teaching As Leadership model which has been utilized in 50 countries over the past 30 years. This Teacher Leadership Development Framework is used by Teach For All network partners around the world, and our specific model has been adapted to fit the unique Armenian education system and culture.