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Biayna Amirjanyan

Biayna was a Fellow from 2015-17. Placed at Katnarat Village in the Lori Region, she was a motivated geography teacher and role model. Because of her passion and skills, we saw potential for her to work in educational policy and provided her training, resources, and professional experience in policy reform. After her two-year commitment, she was accepted for the YES Armenia program that works toward sustainable improvements in the government. Funded by the European Union, YES Armenia recruits highly-qualified and motivated young Armenians and Diasporans to work with Ministries across diverse sectors.

Biayna now works in the Ministry of Education and Science, helping to design new systems of teacher qualifications, educational scoring methods, and other aspects of policy reform. All of this is crucial for the development of a new teaching culture in Armenia and in line with our mission of having enthusiastic, impact-driven leaders working toward the vision of a better Armenia.


Manuk Khachatryan

Manuk was a Fellow from 2015-17, serving at a secondary school in the border community of Getashen Village in the Armavir Region. He taught in an inclusive school as a psychologist and special educator working with students with special needs. We saw huge potential in Manuk and recruited him to be part of the Teach For Armenia team. He is currently working as a Leadership Development Manager, training and providing support for Fellows involved in inclusive teaching and special education.

 Manuk will soon publish a handbook on inclusive education and working in multi-grade level classrooms. Thanks to the support from a US Embassy grant, these techniques have been implemented in a pilot program in several schools and the results have been successful. Pending further data, Manuk will collaborate with the Ministry of Education and Science to improve the quality of inclusive education in Armenia.