Teach For Armenia’s Founder and CEO is Honored with an International Peace Award

Larisa Hovannisian, the Founder and CEO of Teach For Armenia, is honored to receive the United Nation’s International Peace Award by the Meaningful World. She attended the event on September 21st in New York to receive the award and speak at the ceremony. Ms. Hovannisian was nominated for the award due to her work in conflict areas in Armenia and Artsakh. These territorially disputed communities have an unfortunate history of suffering from conflict and border disputes.

One of Ms. Hovannisian’s and Teach For Armenia’s goals was to bring the program to Artsakh, where the level of education is extremely low and communities need motivated and gifted teachers more than anywhere else. Teach For Armenia places optimistic and well-qualified teachers in underserved areas in Armenia and Artsakh. Many international organizations are unable to or choose not to work in this area due to sensitive political issues. Because of Teach For Armenia’s politically-neutral stance—focusing only on educational equity—Ms. Hovannisian was able to bring the program to these communities and place influential teachers and leaders in underserved schools who also function as positive role models.

Teach For Armenia’s Founder and CEO Larisa Hovannisian was invited on stage to collect the award. “I believe that initiatives such as these bring us closer to peaceful resolutions in any place that is experiencing conflict. Our organization’s goal is simple: to help students excel and attain a quality education—a right that all children should have. Our program in conflict areas is essential, since children there are living in conditions of war and have psychological trauma due to their environment. To shape a sustainable future for the territory, students must be provided positive role models to overcome this trauma and inequity,” - said Larisa in her speech.

Ms. Hovannisian participated in the United Nations General Assembly conference in New York this month and spoke at events organized by Teach For Armenia’s global partner, Teach For All.