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MoU with Ucom

Ucom and “Teach For Armenia” educational foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The partnership will be realized under “Technology for Education” motto.

Teach For Armenia’s Founder and CEO is Honored with an International Peace Award

Larisa Hovannisian, the Founder and CEO of Teach For Armenia, is honored to receive the Meaningful World’s United Nation’s International Peace Award in New York. She attended the event on September 21st to receive the award and speak at the ceremony. Ms. Hovannisian was nominated for the award due to her work in conflict areas in Armenia and Artsakh. These territorially disputed communities have an unfortunate history of suffering from conflict and border disputes.

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New Fellows: old and new communities

We are back at school – and we couldn’t be more excited! Starting in September, over 900 students will have access to a new teacher. Teach For Armenia Fellows are placed in 86 schools to teach across Armenia and Artsakh.  Larisa Hovannisian, Founder and CEO of Teach For Armenia, says,  “September 1st is the Day of Knowledge in Armenia and the start of the school year. On this day, we want to wish all students in Armenia a successful academic year. We are excited to partner with all the amazing schools, principals, and teachers across the regions and play our role in bringing educational equity to all children.”


Summer Institute 2018

We are so excited for Summer Institute 2018 to begin! July kicks off our 5-week intensive training program for new participants in our Fellowship. 67 diverse individuals began their journey into becoming transformational leaders in their communities and schools. For the next 5 weeks they will work with our Training and Support Team as well as local and global experts to develop their skills and prepare to enter classrooms on September 1! 



Teach For All Global RSM Conference

This year Teach For All's Global RSM Conference was hosted by Teach For Armenia in Yerevan, Armenia. At the Global Conference, we explored how our theory of change guides our work to find and attract the right leaders in order to build a diverse, community-led movement. In addition to exploring these themes throughout the conference, attendees selected topics to explore in depth with their peers.


New Gen Education

New Gen Education event organized by Tumo Center took place. Teach For Armenia Founder and CEO Larisa Hovannisian was one of the experts of the general education discussion. The participants discussed a number of reforms like educational content development, the national image of vocational education, gender equality, social justice in education content, inclusive education, lack of resources in schools in distant villages, etc.