In Armenia today, the circumstances children are born into often predict the opportunities they will have in life. Our education system was not designed to enable all children to realize their potential or achieve their dreams. Thousands of our children lack the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive. And when millions of children are not given the opportunity to learn, it affects us all—perpetuating poverty, dividing societies, and weakening economies.



Educational inequity is a result of several factors: socioeconomic, school system, and prevailing ideologies. It is our belief that by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals with great potential and a passion for educational equity to commit to two years teaching in an underserved community, we can provide a critical source of teachers who can negate prevailing ideologies and ensure that children have the educational opportunities they deserve.

Throughout these two years of service, Teacher-Leaders are equipped to tackle the challenges of educational inequity and build the necessary skills to serve as lifelong advocates for change.