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In Armenian, the word for generation is seroond: “ser” (love) and “oond” (seed). This year, the generation of students entering school will graduate in 2030. By planting the seed of education today and nurturing this generation with love throughout the next ten years, these students will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to achieve success and determine the course of their futures.

In a country where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line, the need for transformational changes is urgent. Expanding educational opportunity in Armenia and Artsakh for the 2030 generation of students will allow them to escape the cycle of poverty. A strong foundational education improves prospects for life and work. It enables young people to contribute to the development of their society by creating more pathways to employment within Armenia and a job-ready workforce. Collectively, these changes will help build a more prosperous and sustainable nation where all children can thrive and become informed, contributing Armenian citizens with strong prospects for the future.

Teach For Armenia seeks to build on its promising foundation and make transformational change possible across the country in the next 10 years. This requires tapping into the leadership potential of thousands of young Armenian graduates and professionals and tens of thousands of Armenian students. Joining us as a Seroond2030 partner is an investment in the future of our country. You will help build pathways for students, Teacher-Leaders, and Alumni Ambassadors changemakers to collectively propel massive shifts in the landscape—changing the trajectory of the Armenian education system and the country itself. You will also be a part of a powerful network of allies working toward the same goal throughout Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora.


Systemic educational change and reform is a long-term process, and Teach For Armenia is driving the movement to affect this change. We truly believe that the 2030 generation can be placed on a different, transformative life trajectory. To make this happen, we need your support.

We are seeking 100 Champions and Supporters - individuals, companies, nonprofits, and groups - that will commit to this ten-year mission and help us transform the life prospects of the next generation of our students by supporting Teach For Armenia for the next five years at $5,000 (Supporter) or $10,000 (Champion) per year through unrestricted funding.

With your help, we can spread our impact across every region of Armenia and Artsakh. The number of students impacted by our Teacher-Leaders grows exponentially: by 2030, they will improve the quality of education for some 250,000 children. By expanding educational opportunity, we will gather the critical mass needed to enable nationwide transformation.

By supporting Teach For Armenia to expand across the country and catalyze lasting change through inspired leaders, this campaign will help change the course of Armenia’s future. Targeted and strategic interventions have the potential to do tremendous good in the next 10 years—transforming the Armenian educational landscape, improving the life prospects of tens of thousands of children, and shaping a better future for Armenia itself.


By becoming our Seroond 2030 Champion or Supporter, you will join a community of results-oriented philanthropists who are enriching the educational opportunities of children across Armenia and Artsakh. In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to establish relationships with Teacher-Leaders, their students, and the communities they serve.

Become a Seroond 2030 Champion with a 5 year commitment of $10,000/year

  • Classroom in your name or the name of a loved one

  • Position on the selection committee for our annual Seroond Award for Distinguished Merit (awarded to one Seroond Champion) for their efforts to promote educational excellence and equity

  • Meeting with the Teach for Armenia Board to discuss topics in education and reflect on possible partnerships

  • Sponsorship of 10 Teacher-Leaders who will impact the lives of 1,100 students

Become a Seroond 2030 Supporter with a 5 year commitment of $5,000/year

  • Recognition on an Appreciation/Honor Wall at the School 

  • Sponsorship of 5 Teacher-Leaders who will impact the lives of 550 students

In addition for both Champions and Supporters:

  • “Unlock the Future with Seroond” local 3 day trip in Armenia to uncover your direct impact

  • Permanent recognition on our Seroond 2030 page on the Teach For Armenia website (

  • Seroond quarterly newsletters and annual video updates 

  • Highlighting of achievements that have been made possible by Champions and Supporters like you in our Annual Reports (found at:

  • Feature in a Donor Spotlight story on Social Media 

  • Opportunities to meet with the Leadership of TFA

  • School visits and the opportunity to develop, implement, and/or be part of year-long Community Impact Projects with our Teacher-Leaders